Friday, February 13, 2009

Quicken Online - FREE Personal Finance Software

Speaking of finances... Do you currently track your spending using personal finance software? If not, now is a great time to start - especially if you usually itemize deductions on your taxes. I've recently discovered Quicken Online which is a personal finance software that can connect to your bank, download your transactions, and categorize them so you can track your expenses! And best of all - IT'S FREE!!!

Several years ago, I used Microsoft Money to stay organized. I stopped using the software when my husband and I got married and switched banks. MS Money did not support automatic downloading of transactions from our new bank, so it became more and more inconvenient to keep up. (Who wants to MANUALLY input transactions in this day and age?!?!)

To their credit, I must concede that I have not checked lately to see if an updated version of the software now works with my bank. However, I DO know that MS Money is NOT free, and Quicken IS, so I gladly made the switch!!

When tax time comes, I mainly need a total for our daycare expenses and charitable contributions and the FREE online version works just fine for that!

It also helps us stay on budget and work toward our goal to become debt free!